Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

This year has seen more than enough rules, regulations, and advice; therefore, as we enter mid-summer, my article is merely contemplative; best read with your morning cup of coffee or something more substantial later in the day.

Normal, Not Normal

Normal, Not Normal

I love the fact that my hair salon is a ‘No Covid conversation’ business. The owners of Bangles Hair Salon and Spa made this decision for the sake of their staff’s mental health.The offshoot is that we as clients can enjoy their services and relax …

There Where Bright Spots Blog

There Were Bright Spots

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world” – Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum.I was fortunate back in February 2019 as a solo entrepreneur with a fully functioning home office I could quickly …

Apparently We Are Languishing Blog Post

Apparently We Are Languishing

The word languish may sound old fashioned, but it is being repurposed (a lot) to describe how people are feeling fourteen months into the pandemic.At this point Covid has translated into a series of losses uniquely personal to every individual and family.  Generally, people feel somewhat joyless …

Book Revirw of Cladlands

Brief Review: Clanlands

CLANLANDS: Whiskey, Warfare and a Scottish Adventure Like No Other – Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish The itinerary included a week in London, then take the train to Scotland where I was going to try and abandon my penchant for over planning and just see …

Health, Love and Your Productivity

The beginning of any year always brings with it some degree of transition as we embrace a new start. Unfortunately, 2021 begins with a continuation of Covid. While the first phase found us re-connecting with home and family, the timing of this second wave offers …

What Gets Your Creativity Flowing?

For entrepreneurs, the merit of reading business books and biographies is well documented however it is in the world of fiction where we nurture our creative side.

Newsletters, they work blog post

Newsletters, They Work

Make no mistake deciding to send out a business newsletter and getting everything set-up is initially time-consuming but once everything is in place you will find them invaluable. Newsletters are a fast, flexible and cost-effective way to communicate. They remind customers/clients about the company. When …

To Talk, or Not To Talk

You answer the phone and suddenly find yourself agreeing to give a talk to an organization or business group. Then, slowly ‘speakers’ remorse is setting in – was this right decision for you, your business and your schedule? The answer to this lies with how …