Be Bold, It’s Autumn

People get far more work accomplished during autumn than any other season. –

Fall is the time of year when things get back to normal; we have a return to routines and schedules, stocking up for the winter and braving dark, cold mornings. At the same time, businesses realize that year-end is approaching, and business strategies created in January need to be re-examined and re-set where necessary. Save any significant business changes for your quiet months, like January or August.

You can experience enhanced growth; as customers are planning and buying for the winter months ahead plus the rituals and celebrations that occur this time of the year. Here are some tips to get things moving forward quickly and efficiently.

Make sure the client/customer ‘journey’ with you whether online or in person is smooth and efficient. Is customer help readily available? Are all methods of communication working well?

If you have staff or partners, check in with them. Meet off-site for a coffee or breakfast (mornings are the best time), don’t be too intense; relax and discuss the business. Listen to any concerns or ideas they may have.

This is the time to be actively promoting yourself – print, radio and online all need to be considered and budgeted for. Get new products or services in front of the consumer!

Set a budget and be clear with your support providers about how much you are willing to spend. I prefer it when a client is upfront about how much they can spend. Then I can present them with a business or marketing plan within those guidelines.   

Offset upcoming quiet or uncertain times by setting up an business emergency account. Any amount set aside is going to prove helpful. While we cannot live in fear, the last few years have taught us to be prepared for the unexpected.

Autumn is a busy time, be ready and enjoy your business growth.

I decided to sneak in a quick and inexpensive dinner suggestion for busy entrepreneurs. Roast Chicken Thighs with Sausage


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