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We want to know about someone before we hire them so here is my story in 300 or so words. I am also glad to answer any question.
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Today, I work with entrepreneurs and am the editor of an online magazine. The road to this point in my life was never conventional.

I went to school in England, South Africa and Quebec. My first real job was working for an antique dealer in Toronto’s Yorkville area. I taught English in South Korea, did contract work in Ft. McMurray, Alberta and founded numerous businesses. Living in cities like Brussels, London and Seoul have contributed to my love for an urban lifestyle.

I’m the definitive morning person, headed for the gym or walking the dogs by 6 a.m. Moving through the world with an open mind, the ability to land on my feet combined with a dislike of a typical 9-5 day have all proved to be a good foundation for my entrepreneurial journey.

A passion for learning and reading keeps me up to date and on top of changes and trends. I also bring to the table a degree in Business Administration, Life Coaching skills, studies in English as well as training in the areas of Communication & Conflict Resolution, Crisis Intervention, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing & Case Study Research.

The only thing left to say is what I type of business & marketing consultant I’m not –
  • I’m not going to ignore your email, message or call
  • I won’t tell you I can do something I can’t
  • I won’t miss your deadline
  • I don’t expect you to commit more time or money than you are comfortable with
  • I will never forget your business is unique
  • I won’t let you down.

Whether planning an in-depth business strategy or helping to improve your Twitter account, I love working with entrepreneurs. Here are my services if you would like to work with me.

Entrepreneurial Life
"As you analyse the year to date remember things don’t always go as planned so adjust, recalibrate and don’t be too hard on yourself. Entrepreneurship isn’t an exact science!"
Jill Crossland
Whether you are a start-up or established, serving your hometown or expanding into new markets we are all part of a global community.

From Oslo to Bangkok to Berlin business owners made the decision to follow a passion, saw an opportunity or found the 9-5 world lacking.

Entrepreneurship changes everything; we work from just about anywhere, find unique ways to carve out time for family, friends, exercise and relaxation, use technology and paper to be productive, learn how to become creative thinkers and figure out what support team we need and can afford.

While a relatively new online magazine Entrepreneurial Life is focusing on making all that a little bit easier.

We know your priorities are a blend of personal and business; looking for financing, healthy eating, raising kids, working on team building, worried about climate change ………… the list goes on. We will strive to offer articles tailored to your lifestyle and to connect you with other business owners through relevant content and advice.

We would also like to share your entrepreneur story, tips, advice or expertise. Are you a lifestyle, travel or food blogger? We will republish relevant posts. All articles include a short bio plus links to your website and social media.

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