Spring Growth

Whether you are a business owner or Princess Kate, social media criticism can quickly get out of hand. Some business people are, therefore, hesitant about moving forward with anything new because they fear potential online push back.

Spring is the perfect season to overcome any anxiety and embrace fresh growth.

But where do you start looking for inspiration?

1) Your business’s location has likely experienced demographic changes since you first opened. Differences in population size or structure, such as age and ethnicity makeup, offer an opportunity to expand your existing customer base.

2) Collaboration with another company. There are too many partnership possibilities to discuss here, so Google ‘successful business collaborations’. While compatibility is usually the best place to start, we have recently seen surprising success with complete opposites joining forces; think ‘Barbenheimer’. (Read the article below to learn why this worked.)

3) Then there are the big guys in your industry. They operate at a different level, with the revenue and staff to stay ahead of the game regarding innovation and subsequent marketing. Their websites, ads, and social media may contain a new concept that is not intended to be copied but to galvanize you.

4) In the back of a desk drawer or bottom of a storage box, your initial business plan or that pad of paper where you scribbled early business ideas could reveal some long-forgotten thoughts that weren’t feasible when your business was a start-up.

As new growth takes shape, stay in control of the narrative. Keep customers as aware of the process as possible. Silence leaves an information vacuum; plus, a lack of updates is a lost marketing opportunity. Write well-worded posts using touches of humour or the elements of unwrapping a surprise; this helps customers/clients gradually adjust.

The best cure for anxiety or fear is action. Negativity and criticism should not mean becoming stagnant. You started a business to offer something special and unique; ensuring its continued growth in the real and online world is vital.


5 Reasons Barbenheimer Was A Bombshell Box Office Success – Slash Film

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