Pinterest, Keep It Simple

Recipes, interior design, fashion, and hair ideas are just a few reasons people utilize Pinterest for personal use. Pinterest can also have a place in your business marketing strategy. Photographing what you sell is relatively simple if you are a product-based company. That said, many business owners seem to prefer the more instant gratification from a platform like Instagram.   

For those of us who are service-based, whether or not to use Pinterest is a bit more layered. Does it have a place in our branding? I think the answer is ‘yes’.

As a marketing consultant, I decided Pinterest was a way to introduce myself to clients, shape public perception — a visual platform enabling them to get to know me better. So I created two business boards; one for Jill Crossland Consulting and another for my online magazine, Entrepreneurial Life. When I update my other social media platforms, Pinterest is part of the marketing cycle.

I also created monthly boards for my followers to enjoy keeping them fresh with books being read, recipes, purchases and graphics that embody the season. Working on these boards is both relaxing and creatively beneficial.

Whether your business is product or service based certain social media platforms are a ‘must do,’ Pinterest isn’t necessarily one of those. However, if you decide to give it a whirl or resurrect a dusty old account, the key to success lies within your own creativity. Think of it as part of your professional portfolio, then relax, use your imagination and have fun.  


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