Show Your Customers Some Love

Life is full of small unexpected moments; a quick hug from a child, flowers from your partner, or a friend calling to check in on you. Moments that are not costly but do say you are appreciated. In turn, we find ways to reciprocate, to acknowledge the people in our personal world. 

Showing customers similar appreciation is also essential for your current and future business. I have had business owners say, ‘You’ve been coming here a long time,’ then move on to whatever they were doing. Leaving me thinking, “Yes, you have had my ongoing business, but I’ve never received any form of a thank-you or small discount from you”.

Customers who feel valued are more likely to provide you with repeat business and recommendations. 

Like old friends, customer loyalty is gold. When a brand floats genuine appreciation towards its customers, it starts building better, more human relationships with them. So remember: Don’t overthink it. Little, everyday things can have lasting impact.

 – Zendesk Blog, June 7, 2022

Ways to thank your regular shoppers don’t have to be expensive. My favorite tea store always includes extra packages of my regular tea or a new tea to try with the order. This makes me, as the customer, feel like I am more than just part of their income stream.  

Gift Suggestions for all Budgets

I have asterisked items that will also work well for your male clientele.

Top Branded Gifts: 

Tote bags

Small calendar frig magnet

Sticky notes/*notepad

*Water or sports bottles

*Stress balls

*Coffee mug for travel

*Ceramic mugs – don’t forget people often post photographs of themselves on social media with a mug of coffee or tea in hand!

Non-branded Gifts:


*Chocolate/small package of gourmet cookies

Special tea/*coffee

Gift card – for another local business  

Small potted plant – flowering or cactus

Printed Gifts:

*Loyalty program card

*Discount certificate for a future purchase

For those of us with a one-on-one clientele, the consultation format allows us to know people differently, so something more personal can be considered. For example, a book, bottle of wine, gourmet coffee beans, a gift box of preserves, attractive journal or notebook or even something fun for their dog can be sent by mail or handed over at the end of an in-person meeting.

As well as celebratory days, take advantage of your company’s anniversary, fun/silly days (who knew February 5 was World Nutella Day!) and days attached to your specific industry; the options are numerous.

Mardi Gras, World Wildlife Day, International Women’s Day, and St Patrick’s Day; are just a few of the opportunities to show your customers some fun and love.  

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