Normal, Not Normal

Normal, Not Normal

I love the fact that my hair salon is a 'No Covid conversation' business. The owners of Bangles Hair Salon and Spa made this decision for the sake of their staff's mental health.

The offshoot is that we as clients can enjoy their services and relax for an hour or two. I was in there recently and left feeling and looking better plus ready to face everything including C---- !

We have now reached the time when business owners are fully reopening and moving forward. Whether solo entrepreneur or running a brick-and-mortar company you should be deciding how best to rebuild your business in the months to come. Striving to bring things back to normal puts a lot pressure on you, the business owner because as yet we don’t fully know what that looks. Instead reset your company one step at a time starting with the needs of your staff and clients/customers.

First ensure the physical health and safety regulations are in place as mandated for your industry. Then as Bangles did it is important to make decisions around the psychological needs of your staff and clients/customers. For the past eighteen months we have been giving too much leeway to the strident and angry people. The only way for healthy regrowth is for this to stop both when they are within your business and on your social media. When it comes to your business post-Covid don’t engage and communicate clear boundaries about what is and isn’t acceptable.

Next, companies now find themselves with a business model that has been disrupted. It is a mismatch of what was done and what had to be put in place during the height of the pandemic. You as the owner will need to take time to decide what you are bringing back and what will remain in place. Some covid necessitated changes to the service model and product line proved in fact be efficient and profitable. The best answers may come from a hybrid approach: one that combines your early 2019 business strategy with subsequent adjustments. It is important to remember also that your customer/client is not the same person. Their decision process around hiring or buying has been completely altered.
In the past many businesses feared their competitors, this is counterproductive at the best of times but especially now when there are unlimited benefits to collaboration and helping one another.
It is a unique time, with no tried-and-true roadmap to guide you in the months to come; you will stumble and make mistakes but one morning you will start your workday and realize things have quietly settled into a ‘different’ normal. In the meantime, be kind to yourself, patient with others but most of all be flexible.

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