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These recommendations are not affiliated links. I did the research, and here are the items that accompany me on my travels. I hope something on this list will help you on your next adventure or business trip. Jill


Hard side suitcase: I purchased a Check-In Medium for a two-week trip. Everything packed in there nicely. That size was a little awkward for train travel. Visually sleek, it rolls well even on European cobblestones. I will be buying one of their carry-ons for shorter trips

DUFFLE BAG: Wanderers ‘The Roman’

Beautiful bag of quality leather. It is a little heavy even when empty but still a great carry-on. Plenty of room and pockets means it can also go solo for an overnight or weekend getaway

PASSPORT HOLDER: Bellroy Passport Holder

Passport, ID, credit cards, and cash are easy to get to in this convenient travel folio. A beautiful leather holder that offers RFID protection; “Everything comes in and goes out vertically while the zip keeps things in place.”

CROSSBODY BAG: Wanderers ‘The Murano’

While I used a leather tote for business meetings, this smaller bag alternative gave me the freedom to stroll around sightseeing unencumbered. The three zippered compartments hold everything you need for a day of exploring.

ELECTRONICS ORGANIZER: Native Union Stow Lite Organizer

It holds a lot and tucks into your carry-on for quick access.


Easy to fill, no leaking, shampoo (or whatever) comes out well, a quick wash when it was empty, and ready for the next trip.

THE ZIPLOC® GROWS UP - Sephora on the Fly Reusable Bag

Reusable pouch with a zippered top and a transparent material. Perfect for anything that may leak. The bags will easily fit into your purse, backpack, laptop bag, luggage.


Combining the Amazon travel cubes & travel bags made finding things in a packed suitcase quick and efficient.

Amazon mesh travel and laundry bags

Socks, underwear, small soft clothing items all in one zippered bag. I travelled with a small and medium-size

Amazon travel cube

I put t-shirts in this cube; they arrive uncrushed, no wrinkles.

WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW I NEEDED: Compression socks – Laite Hebe

I don’t have trouble with my circulation, so I gave pressure socks no thought until I kept seeing them appear on travel blogs for twenty-somethings.

Best purchase ever. Not only were my legs less stiff and swollen after a long flight, I also found them very comfortable when walking the streets of London and Edinburgh.


Hope you read Live, Travel, Thrive  about a recent trip to the UK. Traveling in the time of covid while challenging is not all bad.

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